What's Driving Auto Customers Into Dealerships

Footfall Auto Canada Cover

Promos Do Not Drive Auto Consumers to Dealerships 

The Q3 2018 Path to Purchase report provides valuable insights to help Automotive marketers better reach their target audience.

In this report you will find:

Days and times most car buyers visit a dealership

How far customers will travel to visit a dealership

Determining factor for buying a new car
Media used for researching a new car
Media that influences new car buyers
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The study results include findings from Freckle IoT and Killi. Freckle results are derived from a proprietary projection model and fully opted-in mobile IDs. Using a base of 150M devices, Freckle collects mobile IDs and associates them to our proprietary POI database where dwell-based logic and duplication ensures the most comprehensive footfall report in the market.

Killi, developed by Freckle IoT, is the global consent management solution for privacy and compliance challenges facing consumers and companies. This consumer-facing application allows consumers to control their identity and sell it for cash to companies looking for compliant first-party data. The results from Killi are based on surveys sent directly to the user base of Killi with this report including surveys sent to approximately 8,000 users asking about their automotive shopping habits. Respondents were paid for their responses, regardless of their answers.